The Holler Sessions

Thursday, August 17, 2017 7:30PM

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The Holler Sessions
written and performed by FRANK BOYD
originally co-directed by RACHEL CHAVKIN

Staged as a live radio show, The Holler Sessions centers on one man’s burning obsession for American jazz. Ray, an explosive Kansas City DJ, broadcasts his love of jazz from his shoddy studio with an infectious passion for this uniquely American art form. His maniacal rants, razor-sharp insights, and mildly scatological humor are interspersed with extraordinary music and lots of space for listening. The Holler Sessions serves as a jazz primer for the uninitiated, a powerful reminder for jazz fans and an irreverent love letter to the best thing America has ever created, and then forgotten.

“Frank Boyd’s one-man theater piece is a vital exhortation on the significance of jazz…it should be required viewing for all musicians, music lovers, pop-culture fiends, artists, art fans and American people over the age of 7.” – City Arts

“Frank Boyd is the sort of supremely talented performer whose craft is so refined it’s nearly invisible.” – Culturebot

This production contains mature language.

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